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Home on the Farm

On Front Porch Farm countless life affirming patterns are interwoven... patterns that enable and express life. Our visitors identify those patterns simply as “Beautiful”.

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We grow our produce for chefs, grocers and knowledgeable market customers who share the same passion for flavorful, old time varieties that need a bit more love and attention than commercial hybrid types.

Nothing sparks our imaginations more than turning the pages of a great seed catalog. In our dreams, we want to plant everything. How do we resist falling in love with Hearts of Gold melon, Depp’s Pink Firefly tomato, Violet De Provence artichoke, Painted Lady beans…while staying true to our old friends Chioggia beet, Pineapple tomato, and Winter Luxury pumpkin?

Winter Harvest List

Butterhead Lettuce
Little Gems Lettuce
Cabbage (Napa, Savoy, Green, Purple)
Piracicaba Broccoli
Green Garlic
Radishes (French Breakfast, Easter Egg)
Potatoes (Desiree, Harvest Moon, German Butterball, Bodega Red)
Sweet Potatoes (Beauregard, Murasaki)
Delicata Squash
Butternut Squash
Row7 Koginut Squash
Winter Luxury Pumpkin


Organic farming depends on biological diversity and flowers are an integral part of our farm’s ecosystem. By attracting pollinators and beneficial insects, our flowers keep our fruit trees and berry bushes productive as well as row crops protected. In addition, they add beauty and bring joy to those who work with and receive them.

You can find our flowers at the farm, our farmer’s markets, and in local floral shops
from San Francisco to Healdsburg.

Add a Little Beauty

In addition to fresh, cut flowers and bouquets, we offer flower arranging classes and workshops, as well as arrangements for weddings and special events.

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Floriani Polenta

Our Italian flint-corn, Floriani, makes an incomparable rustic polenta. Pick up a bag for tonight’s dinner and discover the eye-opening flavor difference of this specialty product.

Interested in trying our polenta?

Find our polenta at the Thursday and Sunday farmers’ markets at the San Rafael Civic Center, or at Miracle Plum in Santa Rosa.

For wholesale inquiries, email Eliza


Out of the 40 acres cultivated at the farm, only 12 are dedicated to vines. While the flatter parts are saved for flowers, vegetables, fruit trees and livestock, the steep hillsides are dedicated to grapes. Rhone varieties have found a home here. Our Mediterranean climate offers enough warmth and sunlight for these varieties to fully ripen while the proximity of the Russian River moderates temperature extremes and allows them to express their complexity and vibrancy.

The Wines

Just as wine and food play a balancing act on the table, so do they at our farm.

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