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Our Story

After decades of conservation work, we became interested in work that was restorative and had the potential to create positive outcomes rather than just limit bad ones...
and so we bought a farm.

Home on the Farm

“If anything can save the world, I’d put my money on Beauty”
—Doug Tompkins

We view farming as a symphony of life-affirming patterns, taking care to nurture the biotic community resident in our soils, orchestrating the succession of crops each one benefitting from its predecessor, and taking Diversity as our guiding principle.

Meet the Team

“It’s all done with people” (Wavy Gravy)

Farming is, as they say, a job outdoors. No matter hot summer days or wet cold wintery ones, every day on the farm has its (almost) endless To-Do List. Farming organically adds another dimension of art and science to that list. The Front Porch Crew handles it all…with hard work, grace, and (usually) good humor.

Peter and Mimi


Mimi and Peter started farming organic blueberries in 2009 at Riverbend Farm in Oregon. In 2010 they acquired Front Porch Farm, formerly a vineyard, and began to build a farm guided by the principle that diversity is nature’s basic pattern. They have shared work experiences in business, design, education, and conservation in both the USA and Europe.


Acorn Ranch Manager

Tommy manages Acorn Ranch and is in charge of the livestock program for Front Porch Farm. A true land steward, Tommy seeks to find an ecological balance between animal, human, rangeland, and watershed. Although fully committed to his animals, Tommy would usually prefer to be fishing a cold trout stream with an even colder beer.


Lead Flower Grower

A true farmer florist, Zoe not only manages the cultivation of the farm’s 2.5 acre cut flower garden but also heads up the design team, creating arrangements for brides and flower shops throughout the Bay Area. When not busy managing all things floral, Zoe coaches the farm’s softball team and puts on dance parties in the packing shed.


Produce Production Manager

Eliza was raised in South Pasadena and has been making her way north ever since. While in college at UC Santa Cruz, she fell in love with farming and immediately began pursuing a career in agriculture. Prior to coming to Front Porch Farm to take on the management of the farm's 10 acres of vegetables, Eliza spent 3 seasons at CASFS (UCSC's Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems) farming food and flowers. When it comes to farming she's excited about crop diversity, bounty, straight lines, and delicious produce. She is the only member of the Front Porch Farm "Rippers" to have been awarded a game ball for exceptional play.


Assistant Flower Grower

Working as the Assistant Flower Grower is the perfect combination of Joella’s intrinsic love for farming and botany. After working in various botanical fields including native plant propagation and habitat restoration, she fell in love with flowers and farming. Joella’s sparkling personality brightens everyone’s day.


Livestock Husbandry / Irrigation

Amador is the shepherd on the farm, caring primarily for the farm’s animals. After spending time on a dairy in Humboldt, CA, Amador joined the team in 2015. In addition to his animal husbandry duties, Amador helps harvest, weed, and irrigate the farm’s crops. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing futbol and riding horses.


Field Crew Leader

Jose is our field crew leader, heading the harvest and bringing in the crops. He holds many records on the farm including fastest parsley bunch box picked, fastest strawberry box picked, and most importantly, longest-serving employee. He takes pride in getting work done quickly and with quality. Jose has 4 young children, all boys, and loves Reggae music.

Primo Jose

Field Crew

Jose is part of the Field Crew on the farm, harvesting, weeding, and doing whatever needs to get done, always ready and willing to help. He is very dedicated to his family and his work. After a long career working in the vineyards of Sonoma County, he is very happy to be on the farm, working diverse tasks and living a healthy lifestyle.


Farm Guru

Botanist, master stone mason, compost guru, arborist, contractor, teacher, beekeeper, and general all-around shaman describe just a portion of Arthur's skills and interests. Curious about the Inca civilization or plants of the Amazon? Just ask Arthur. On the farm, we know that we will learn something and be inspired by almost any conversation with Arthur.


Farmer's Market Lead / Vegetable Crew

Susannah is on the Veggie Crew, planting, cultivating, harvesting and delighting in finding the most misshapen veggies. Her love of produce drives her work -- she is always happy to be on the farm, ecstatic at each turn in the season when a new fruit begins to ripen. On Thursdays and weekends, Susannah is at the Farmers' Market sharing her love of all things Farm with our community! The true way to Susannah's heart is with a small snail.


Greenhouse Manager / Flower Crew

Emily manages all the comings and goings in our greenhouse, taking the tenderest care of our smallest plants as they toughen up and get ready to be planted in our fields! She is also a beloved member of the flower team, regaling the crew with tales of kayaking through the lakes of Minnesota, soothing us with her angelic singing voice, and whipping up delicious baked goods with whatever produce is in season.

Cookie & Coco

Spirit Captains / Troublemakers

Sisters, Cookie and Coco take good care of each other, always looking for snacks from the crew lunches, good puddles of mud to wrestle in, or nice sunny spots to snuggle up for an afternoon nap on the lawn. In theory, Cookie and Coco are supposed to protect the farm's livestock from menacing predators... we are hoping their cuteness will serve as enough of a distraction, for now.

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